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These time slots just mean that I am available to help and should respond to messages or calls quickly.  I will also be contacting students and families during these times.

Mrs. Burkhart's Home #


*Please only call during office hours.




On Fridays students will finish work, and complete their  assignments using online platforms & I will check their work on those sites.

  • All assignments will be turned in via Google Classroom unless otherwise specified.

  • Your grades will be available for you to monitor in Google Classroom. 

Google Classroom

The Basics

Video Lessons

  • I will make video lessons for every new math skill.

  • I will make some Language Arts videos.

  • Students should actively watch these videos, take notes, and record questions.


  • Zoom will be used for small groups, whole class socialization, and individual tutoring.  It will also be used for individualized help as needed.

  • Zoom links will be posted in Google Classroom.

Class Website

  • This is where you start.

  • Assignments, videos, and helpful links will be listed here.

  • I will also clarify directions and instruction where the assignments  are listed.


My answer is right, but Google Forms makes it look like it is wrong?

  • Open ended questions require me to go back and grade the questions.  Google Forms may appear to count these questions wrong, but I always go back and grade student responses.  This allows me to give partial credit, full credit, or no credit depending on their responses.  


When will I know my grades?

  • I almost always have student's work graded within 24 hours of their submission.  I will have all grading for the week done no later than Friday.  

  • Grades will be available for students and parents to see in Google Classroom within each subject.  There will not be grades in the "Zoom Links & Check-ins" class.


Where are the Zoom Links? When are the Zoom Meetings?

  • Zoom schedules are posted on our class website.  You just hover over or click on the squares that say "small group Zoom schedule" or "whole class Zoom schedule." 

  • I will post the links for Zoom meetings in Google Classroom/Zoom Links & Check-ins.

Why are the videos Blocked? How do we fix it?

  • Tulare County Office of Education manages our filters for blocking content.  There are additional filters on the Hotspots that block content.  While these safeguards are nice, they are not perfect and often block things that are educational. Once we know that something is blocked we request that it be approved.  The approval can take 24 hours to take effect.  Please try reloading/refreshing the class website, and the videos that were linked.  It may be necessary to restart your computer.  The other alternative is to use a device that is not associated with Sequoia Union.    

Why is Mrs. Burkhart not responding right this second?

  • If it is between the hours of 8:30 and 3:30 and we are not in a scheduled Zoom, you should hear back from me within  5-10 minutes.  

  • If I have not responded in 5-10 minutes, then I am helping another student in the class.  

  • I have set office hours for myself and am going to stick to them.  If you are messaging me outside of office hours, you can expect a prompt reply from me the following day.   

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