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Day 31 (Thursday)


  • SOTB Culminating Activity

Class Time for Independent Work: 90 Minutes (No Homework) MATH:

  • Prime Factorization (Day 2) My Math pgs. 95 & 96

Class Time for Independent Work: 45 Minutes (Homework if not completed in class) SCIENCE:

  • PE

Class Time for Independent Work: 0 Minutes (No Homework) HISTORY:

  • PNW Journal

Class Time for Independent Work: 30 Minutes (No Homework) Please Note:

Specific homework is never assigned. However, students are encouraged to read, study their multiplication facts, and use Moby Max as time permits at home. I try to give an adequate amount of time for students to complete their independent work in-class. If independent work is not completed during the course of the school day, it then becomes homework. If your student is coming home with more than an hour of homework there is a high probability they are not using their class time wisely.

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