Language Arts Assignments

Language Arts Assignments

Blood on the River

Chapters 1 & 2

Chapters 3-5

  1. Global Wind Patterns 
    *See Picture Below
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  3. West Indies & Canary Islands
    England on the Map
    *See Picture Below
  4. Answer: Much of the sickness aboard ships was due to an unbalanced diet, poor nutrition, and spoiled rations.
  5. Literacy Rates (Remember to find the difference you subtract)
  6. No Link
  7. Beauty Standards

Chapters 6-8

Chapters 9-11

  1. Figurative Language
  2. Old Point Comfort Video
  3. No Link
  4. School Tube (Making Glass)
  5. Jamestown
  6. Figurative Language
  7. Figurative Language
  8. Jamestown Arms & Armor
Bonus: Go to this site to learn the reason why James Town was located where is was. Write each reason and then click on it and write a summary of why that reason was important.

Chapters 12-16

Chapters 17-20

Chapters 21-23

Chapters 24-Afterward

  1. John Smith
  2. No Link
  3. No Link
  4. -Shakespeare's Life
    -Boys who behaved poorly in school were paddled by their teachers.
    -Refer to the timeline linked above.
    -Wrote 38 Plays
  5. No Link
  6. No Link
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  8. See page 224 in your book
  9. No Link