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Classroom Management & Environment

     I work very hard to make sure that the environment in my classroom is comfortable and positive.  I have high expectations and I am consistent.  I prefer positive reinforcement, but also know that sometimes negative reinforcement is necessary when students make poor choices.  My goal is to provide students with an environment that encourages them to want to do their very best!

Score Board

    One of the tools that I use is our classroom score board.  The score board has two components, one is for group points and the other is for class points.  When a group is on task they can be rewarded with a point for their group.  The kids love this because at the end of each week the group with the most points get some form of a reward.  Groups can also earn points for when the entire group turns in their work completely finished.

    The other component of the score board is the whole class score board.  When the entire class is making smart choices they can earn class points.  If they are not making smart choices I receive points on the score board.  When the class gets 10 points ahead of me they can choose a class reward.  Class rewards include but are not limited to free seating, extra outside time, no homework (even if their independent work was not completed), game time, or technology time.


    Planners are a means of accountability and organization for students.  The first thing they do when they arrive at school is fill out their planners.  Work that is finished it checked off, and work that needs to be completed at home is circled.  The “planner club” is for students that need additional support with being responsible and getting their work turned in.  Planners also serve as a communication tool with parents and a place to document missed assignment when a student is absent. 


    Our room is very organized!  There is a place for everything.  I believe when things are organized and students always know what is expected they are more productive.  We waste little to no time in our class, and thus have more time for learning.


    We do learning centers almost daily and frequently use hands-on manipulatives.  When students are owning and engaged in their learning amazing things happen!  I realize that all students learn differently and at different speeds, but the end goal is always for students to master the concepts - even if everyone gets there a little differently.

Independent Work & Homework

     I invite you to join me on this exciting and adventurous journey by becoming partners in your child’s education.  Specific homework is never assigned.  However, students are always encouraged to study their spelling/vocab, read chapter books, or practice multiplication facts at home.  They can also utilize Moby Max for individualized instruction and additional practice.  Independent work is assigned daily during class, and students are always given time to complete their daily independent work at school.  The amount of time varies, but is usually not less than thirty minutes.  When independent work is not finished at school, it then becomes homework.  If students are coming home with a tremendous or unreasonable amount of homework it is probable they are not using their class time wisely. 

    I understand that life happens, so each six weeks all students have two redo passes to use.  Depending on the level of the student’s card they may also have homework passes in addition to their redo passes.  When students do not turn in assignments they must fill out a “pink slip” which lets students describe why their work has not been turned in.  If an assignment is not turned in on the day it is due, a zero is recorded in the grade book.  If an assignment is turned in and it is incomplete it will be graded, but it is likely the grade will not be what it would have been if the student had chosen to complete their work. 

    Tests are the only assignments that are timed, and that is simply because we can not let students take their tests home.  Students are given as much time as they need to take tests during the school day.  Tests do count as a slightly higher percentage of student grades. 



     Tests are the only assignments that are timed, and that is simply because we can not let students take their tests home.  Students are given as much time as they need to take tests during the school day.  Tests do count as a slightly higher percentage of student grades.  

Card System

     Students have the opportunity to earn a new card level every six weeks; consequently, they also have the option of digressing in their level of card.  Students can work their way up to a gold card, or can go down in levels all the way to a red card.  The better the card, the more rewards that are available.
    The 1st six weeks everyone will start with a blank slate card.  Rather than assign cards based upon the previous years records, all students will begin with a blank slate.

    Cards will be put in pockets inside planners so that students and parents can easily monitor progress.  Both students and I will further document behavior incidents in more detail when they occur. 

    All listed requirements must be met in order to possess each level of card.  Students who do not meet the Gold, Silver, or Bronze levels will get a Red Card, which has no privileges.  Your child’s success is very important.  In order to create and maintain a positive learning environment for all students, the fifth grade teachers established a firm and fair discipline plan.  I acknowledge and reward those who follow the rules, and attempt to minimize the need for negative consequences.  However, should a discipline problem occur, I will be firm, fair, and consistent in enforcing the agreed upon behavior.  I remind my students that their behavior is a choice and if they misbehave they are choosing the consequences.  I hope to encourage students to build relationships and to take responsibility so that together we can become a high-performing team in our classroom and on our campus.  

    In the fifth grade classes the card system aims to encourage positive behaviors and growth within the classroom.  The cards are an additional tool which will be used to maintain fairness and consistency within the classroom. 

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