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Science Fair


Your Projects will Have the Following:

This is your reason for doing your project, why it is interesting to you, and what you hope to learn from your project.  Your purpose should also give some insight as to the real work importance and significance of your project.  



This is your prediction about what you think the results of your experiment will be.  You should form your hypothesis BEFORE, you do your experiment.  It is ok if your hypothesis is not proven to be correct.  Sometimes we learn more when experiments do not go as planned.



Your procedures are the exact steps that you have to take to carry out every part of your experiment.  You MUST be very specific and very detailed.  Someone should be able to exactly duplicate your experiment just by looking at your procedures.



This is a list of everything that you need to complete your science fair project.



We will put all of our results into a graph.  Your written results will be in with the conclusion section.  Use this site to make your graphs. MAKE GRAPHS HERE



Your conclusion should discuss your results and state if your hypothesis turned out to be correct or incorrect.  Your conclusion should summarize your project.  This is also where you discuss things that you would do differently if you were to do this project again in the future.  

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