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Language Arts Resources

Sometimes it helps to just have some fun, and when you combine fun and learning it is a win-win!.

Quote texts when making inferences, determine the theme & sumarize text, compare and contrast.  Determine the meaning of words and phrases including figurative language, similies and metaphors, structure of the text, and point of view. Visual and multipedia contributions to text, compare and contrast stories in the same genre, read and comprehend text.

If you want to be a good writter it is important to know proper grammar.  Make sure you understand the parts of speech, and so much more!

Write opinion pieces, informative/explanatory texts, and narratives.  Produce clear and coherent writing using the steps of the writing process.  Use technology to produce and publish writing.  Conduct short research projects , recall relevant information, draw evidence from literary or informational texts and write routinely.

Being able to spell and understand the meaning of words is an important component of all language arts standards.

Speaking & Listening

Engage in collaborative discussions, summarize written text aloud, summarize the points a speaker makes and explain how the claims are cupported by evidence.  Report on a topic/text with an opinion - sequencing ideas logically, include multimedia components in presentations, adapt speech to a variety of contexts and tasks.

Informational Text Resources

Quote accurately from text, determine two or more main ideas, explain relationships and inderactions between individuals, events, and ideas.  Determine meaning of vocabulary, compare and contrast overall structure, draw on information from print or digital recources (locate evidence), understand and identify how author;s use reasons and evidence to support text, integrate information from several texts, informational text comprehension.

Foundational Skills Resources

Phonics, word analysis, and decoding words (roots, and afflixes).  Read accuracy and fluency to support comprehension.  Read orally with accuracy and sppropriate rate and expressions.  Use context to self-correct.

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