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Types of Sentences
  1. Quia Quiz
    Types of Sentences (Exlamatory, Declarative, Imperative, Interogative)

  2. Time 4 Writing
    Basic matching with punctuation marks and what they say about the type of sentence.

  3. Time 4 Writing
    Click what the type of punctuation says about that sentence.

  4. Time 4 Writing 
    Higher level determinations of what the punctuation mark says about the sentence.

Sentences Fragments
  1. Quia Sentence or Fragment
    Test your knowledge and see how high you can score.

  2. Identify the Fragment

    In the passages highlight the fragment.

  3. Undertand Fragments and Test Yourself
    Grammar Bytes does a good job of explaning fragments.


Run-On Sentences
  1. Quia Run-On Quiz

    Test your knowledge and see how high you can score.



Fragments and Run-On Sentences
  1. Rags to Riches
    See how much money you can earn by correctly identifying.

  2. Time 4 Writing - Video
    Click here to watch the video about Fragments and Run-Ons

  3. Fragments and Run-On Sentences
    Watch the video lesson from the link above, and then play the game from this link.


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