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Blood on the River Expanded Learning PDF (Entire Book)
Blood on the River 1-2 Links

1.      No Link Needed

2.      No Link Needed

3.      Map 

4.      No Link Needed

5-6.   Britannica, YouTube

7-10. Video

11.    Mrs. Burkhart's Class Website

12.    Pulley Notes,   Pulley Video

13.    Memory Tricks

Blood on the River 6-8 Links

1.  Guadeloupe Island

2.  Figurative Language

3.  Hot Springs & Geysers

4. & 5.  John Smit

6. Nevis and Mona Islands

7. No link

8-11.  America's Story

12.  No link

13.  No link

Blood on the River 3-5 Links

1.     Wind Patterns

2.     No Link

3.     Canary Islands, West Indies

4.     Life at Sea

5-7.  Literacy Rates

8.     No Link

9.    Beauty Standards

10.   No Link

Blood on the River 9-11 Links

1.        Figurative Language

2.-7.   Video (Old Point Comfort)
2. First landed at Cape Henry
3. Wanted to build at Old Point Comfort because they thought guns mounted there could prevent passage of hostile ships of the Spanish up the Jamestown River
4. Second Fort was called Fort George

5. It was built in 1728

6. 121 Years after they first landed in Virginia

7. Hurricane

8.        Jamestown Location

9.-10.  How Glass is Made

11.      Jamestown Games

12.     Figurative Language

13.     Figurative Language

16.      Arms & Armor at Jamestown

Blood on the River 21-23 Links

1.-2. Role of Women (NPS) 

3. No Link

4. No Link

5. Worthy

6. No Link

7. No Link

8. No Link

9. No Link

10. No Link

11. No Link

12. Figurative Language

13. No Link

14. No Link

15. No Link

16. No Link

17. No Link

Blood on the River 24-Afterword Links

1.-2. PBS

3. No Link

4. No Link

8. In Shakespeare's lifetime Francis Drake sailed around the world.  King James I becomes King of England.
9.  If boys were "naughty" in Shakespeare's time the teacher would beat them.
10. Shakespeare dies in 1616
11. Shakespeare's helped write 38 plays.

12-22 No Link​s

Chapter 1

    Samuel Collier is a poor orphan who lives in London England in 1606. Samual’s mother dies and he steels her locket back from a pawn shop. The pawn shop owners find him and retrieve the locket, he is arrested. Traitors who disobey the crown are killed, and the plan is for Samuel to be hung. 


Chapter 2

    Samuel is saved by the magistrate and assigned to Reverend Hunt at the orphanage.  He is very patient and calm. Samuel gets into a fight with Collin and Richard, two other boys in the orphanage. Reverend Hunt decides to bring the boys on a journey to the new world, the boys will be servants. Samuel will serve Captain John Smith, a commoner. They are going to the New World with a charter granted to the Virginia Company to establish a new colony will send resources back to England. There are three ships going on the expedition. Captain Gosnold is the captain of the Godspeed. Captain John Ratcliff is the captain of the Discovery and Captain Newport is the captain of the Susan Constant. Reverend Hunt and the boys will be on the Susan Constant. Captain Smith is mad about all the Gentleman going on the expedition. Sir Edward Wingfield is a high ranking gentleman with the Virginia Company.

Chapter 3

Susan Constant is not the nicest place, especially the tween deck.  They are anchored off the coast of England because of storms blowing the wrong direction. Gentleman want to return to England and Smith stands up to Wingfield. James is the 9 year old servant of George Percy. Reverend Hunt is very sick, but still calms the tensions.  However, Wingfield will get back at Smith with his power.

Chapter 4

Samuel nearly dies of the fever.  They were finally sailing.  They would make a big circle first stoping in the Canary Islands to the West Indies, and then to Jamestown.  Samuel finally gets glimpses of the sea when he went on deck to dump the slop buckets.  Captain Newport comes down to the tween deck and places John Smith under arrest for trying to murder the council, overthrow the mission and become ruler.  Smith will be hanged when they reach the West Indies.  Smith calms himself, but Samuel worries the Gentlemen will try to kill him.  


Chapter 5

Smith is chained, but somehow the whispers have changed and he seems to be winning the battle.  People are starting to say that Wingfield made it all up.  Smith is surprised to learn Samuel and his mother could read.  When they arrive on in the islands they are greeted by Indians coming quickly towards their ships.  John Smith comes to translate.

Chapter 6

They anchor on Guadeloupe Island. They watch a swordfish take down a whale. Captain Smith makes the comparison the the Gentlemen and Commoners, saying that even the biggest fish in the sea can be taken down by those with more skill and perseverance.  1st time in 3 months all 3 ships have been together (105 men).  Samuel still has a chip on his shoulder when he plays in the water with Richard and James.  Ratcliffe insists on a path and in the process of making it many men are poised by the Manchineel tree. Smith is continuing to teach Samuel, but Samuel is stubborn. However, Smith is kind and helps Samuel.  They still plan to hang Smith and are building the gallows.  

Chapter 7

Smith is chained to a tree and they plan to hang him.  Reverend Hunt preaches about lies in an attempt to save Smith.  Smith remains calm and knows that he is needed as a translator.  Hunt convinces the men to release Smith and also convinces John Smith to be respectful to the Gentlemen.  Edward Brooks dies of heat exhaustion because he would not remove his heavy “proper” clothing.


Chapter 8

Storms are bad and conditions are miserable on the tween deck of the ship.  People are sick and they are late arriving in Virginia.  Samuel continues to be mean to James and Richard. Richard and Samuel get into a fight.  Smith drags Samuel Away and makes him stand on 1 foot on the ship.  He does this to teach him that in Virginia he must work with others because he can not survive on his own.  He then chains Samuel.  People have different motivations for why they are on the trip.  Some want to find Gold, silk, and jewels, while others want to spread Christianity.  They are attacked by Natives, one sailor is hit in the hands and another is shot in the stomach before the Indians leave.

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