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Exponents Games


Exponents (Resources)
  1. Exponents on Math is Fun
    Notes and examples that should prove to be helpful.

  2. Math Kids: Exponents
    More math notes and examples.

  3. A Cheat Sheet
    Examples and answers for simple and common exponents.

  4. Flocabulary
    Another fun and instructional video!

  5. Brain Pop
    We love Tim and Moby!


Exponents (Games)
  1. Pyramid Math
    Solve the problems and then get the solution in the right place, START WITH EASY!

  2. Exponents Jeopardy
    Don't do the fractional base exponent problems, that is a higher grade level skill.

  3. Crocodile Math
    Solve the problems and try to make it to the finish line.

  4. Exponents Memory
    Solve the problems and do your best to remember where the matches are.

  5. Pirate Math with Exponents
    Do your best to make it to the finish with-out falling victim to what is in the water.

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