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Graph Games


Creating Graphs (Resources)
  1. Understanding Graphs

    This is a very good interactive way to see if you understand what information is in a graph.


Bar Graph (Resources)
Bar Graphs 
  1. Interactive Bar Graph

    Graph your day!


Double Bar Graphs 
  1. Explore Double Bar Graphs

    Compare the difference in population of two different places.

  2. Double Bar Graph Maker

    Enter your data and create your double bar graph.


Bar Graph (Games)
  1. Bar Graph Quiz

    See if you can answer the questions correctly.


Line Graph (Resources)
  1. Math is Fun

    Simple notes about what line graphs are and how they can be used.


Line Graph (Games)
  1. Line Graph Interpretation

    Test your knowledge with this online quiz.


Making Predictions (Resources)
  1. Hamblen County School Video

    Guided sample questions about making conjectures and predictions based on data.


Misleading Graphs (Resources)
  1. BBC Examples

    Here are some misleading graphs and explanations about why they are misleading.


Biased Samples Graphs (Resources)
  1. IXL Math

    See how well you do with determining if the samples are biased or not.

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