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Life Science Games & Rourcources

Plant and Animal Cell (Resources)

  1. Introduction to Cells 
    Biology 4 Kids gives a simple introduction to cells in a way that is easy to understand.

  2. Cells Alive 

    Explore your way through plant and animal cells!  Make sure to pay particular attention to the parts of the cells that you are responsible for knowing in 5th grade.

  3. Cell Quiz
    Test your knowledge against other students taking the quiz at the same time.

  4. Compare and Contrast Plant and Animal Cells
    Read the table and the descriptions, and then watch the video.

  5. Quizlet Plant vs. Animal Cells
    Use the flashcarsto help you learn about plant and animals cells.


Photosynthesis (Resources)
  1. Photosynthesis Videos
    NeoK 12 videos and video segments about photosynthesis, these do play at school.

  2. MacMillan Video & Summary  Teacher Favorite
    Scrolll down to photosynthesis, click on Science in Motion, then Animated Summary and Quiz


Photosynthesis (Games)
  1. Photosynthesis Quiz
    This is a 7th grade lesson, but see what you know, you might just be smarter than  a 7th grader!

  2. Quizlet Teacher Favorite
    Awesome way to study photosynthesis!

  3. Easy Science
    Try your hand at this "easy" quiz about photosynthesis!

Flow of Energy in Ecosystems (Resources) 
  1. Khan Academy

    Ecosystems Video, Notes, and Quiz

  2. BBC Bitesize
    Notes, Diagrams, Activity, and Quiz

  3. What is an Ecosystem?
    Click on the various parts of the ecosystems to learn more.

  4. Exploring Ecosystems
    Answer the questions and trace the flow of energy.

  5. Food Chain Game (Sheppard Software)
    Click place parts of food chains/food webs to show the flow of matter.

  6. Producer, Consumer, or Decomposer Game
    Determine the role of the selected part of the food chain/web.

  7. Ecosystems Study Jams
    Video, Vocabulary, and Test

  8. Food Chains Study Jams
    Video, Vocabulary, and Test

  9. Food Webs Study Jams
    Video, Vocabulary, and Test

Changes in Ecosystems (Resources) 
  1. Natural Distasters

    National Geographic shows us all about natural disasters the way that no one else can.

  2. Natural Disaster Videos
    See nature in action.

  3. Natural Disaster Videos

    Videos about natural disasters from National Geographic

  4. Natural Disaster Facts
    Know the facts, and be informed!

  5. Natural Disaster Information
    View timelines for when various natural disasters have occured around the world.

  6. Natural Disaster Videos and Information
    BBC Earth does a great job with this information and clips.

Changes in Ecosystems (Games)
  1. Stop Disasters Game

    This one takes some time, and careful planning, a little bit like the sims. 

  2. Disaster Master

    Look at the comic strips and answer the questions correctly.

  3. Forces of Nature

    Be an investigator and determine which natural disasters have occured.



Fossils (Games)
  1. Best Environment for Fossils

    This interactive game lets you find the best environment for fossil formation.

  2. Fossils Memory 
    See if you can use your memory to uncover this fossil.

  3. Fossil Hunting 
    Become a palentologist and hunt fossils.

Fossils (Resources)
  1. How are Fossils Formed

    This interactive tour helpf to explain how fossils are formed.

  2. Interactive Fossil Formation
    This is an awesome interactive and really informative website.

  3. Animaltion
    This animation shows how fossils are formed.

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