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Place Value


Place Value (Resources)
  1. AAA Math: Place Value Lessons 

    Online lessons on place value.

  2. Math.Com: Place Value

    In-depth notes, examples, and practice with place value. 

  3. Making Numbers On the Number Machine 

    Practice place value by making specific numbers.

  4. Anything You Can Think Of - Place Value 

    Instructional resources, including: PDF, DOC, PPT, Lessons, and Games

  5. Math.Com: Decimals  

    In-depth notes, examples, and practice with decimals.

  6. Study Jams Teacher Favorite!

    Watch the awesome video first and then test yourself! Make sure to check out the "key vocabulary."

  7. Think Central Math Base-Ten
    On-line manipulatives to help you undersand place value.




Place Value (Games)
Place Value with Whole Numbers 
  1. Standard, Expanded, and Word Form

    Help Willie identify numbers in different forms.

  2. Comparing Big Numbers
    Click on the Comaring Numbers Game.

  3. Focus on Expanded Form 
    See if you can make the pirate walk the place.

  4. Quia Matching 
    See if you can identify the matches.


Place Value with Decimal Numbers 
  1. Comparing Decimal Numbers

    Compare decimal numbers from tenths to thousandths using the correct inequality symbols <,=,>.

  2. More Comparing Decimal Numbers

    For a little more of a challenge try comparing more difficult numbers using the correct inequality symbols <,=,>.

  3. Identifying Decimal Place Value - Place Value Pirates

    Help defeat the pirates, by correctly identifying the correct decimal place value!

  4. Common Core Aligned Expanded Form
    Test your understanding with this quiz.


Place Value with Whole Numbers and Decimal Numbers
  1. Place Value Jeopardy

    Compare and identify place value correctly to be the next Jeopardy champion! 

  2. Place Value 

    Correctly answer place value questions to be the next Millionaire! 

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