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Prime & Composite Games

Prime and Composite (Games)
  1. Fruit Shoot

    Shoot the fruit that has prime numbers listed on it.  Select your level - start with prime numbers to 20 and work your way up!

  2. King Kong's Prime Numbers

    Whack King Kong if he is holding a prime number and earn points - loose points if you get him when he is holding a composite number.

  3. Helping Game

    This game will help you recognize prime and composite and explain why a number is prime or composite.


Prime Factorization (Games)
  1. Math Playground 
    Practice with the factor trees.

  2. Tree Game
    Play the prime factorization tree game!


Mixed Review (Resources)
  1. Factors, Multiples, and Prime Factorization

    Interactive lesson to help you understand these skills.

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