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Rounding & Estimating Games


Rounding and Estimating (Resources)
  1. AAA Math: Rounding and Estimating Lessons

    Online lessons on rounding and estimating. 

  2. Math.Com: Rounding and Estimating Notes 

    In-depth notes and examples on rounding and estimating 

  3. Rounding Resources 

    This site links you to other references on rounding.

  4. Estimating, Rounding, and Money Resources 

    This site links you to other references on estimating, rounding, and money.

  5. Round it Out: Step by Step Teacher Favorite

    This is an awesome site from Scholastic that will really help you with rounding whole numbers. 


Rounding (Games)
  1. Rounding Off Game   

    Select the number that is rounding to the correct place

  2. Rounding Practice Game   

    Round the numbers to the given place

  3. Hangman Rounding    

    Round each number to the nearest thousand then add or subtract

  4. Memory: Rounding to the Nearest Tenth    

    Test your memory to match the cards to the closest rounded value.

  5. Rounding to the Nearest Thousand    

    Test your skills and see if you can select the correct answer.

  6. Half-Court Rounding    

    Answer the questions correctly to score a basket. Try to score as many points possible in 90 seconds.


Estimating (Games)
  1. Maximum Capacity     

    Estimate with addition to take as many monkeys up the elevator as possible in three minutes.

  2. Home Run Derby Math   

    Estimate the problems to score a home run.

  3. Estimation Valley Golf   

    Estimate the problems accurately to win the game of golf.

  4. Estimator Four  

    Try to connect four pieces in a row first. However, you must answer questions using estimation to.

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