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Volume & Surface Area


Surface Area  (Resources)
  1. Find the Surface Area - Interactive

    Explore solids to identify their suface area.

  2. Rectangular Prisms - Surface Area

    Notes and interactive models

  3. Surface Area  Teacher Favorite

    This site has it all, a lesson, interactive learning, questions and applications!


Surface Area of 

Rectangular Prism (Games)
  1. Surface Area Quiz

    Scroll down to take the surface area quiz.

  2. Another Surface Area Quiz

    See how well you can do!


Volume (Resources)
  1. BBC - Volume

    Helps you to understand and see how the formula works!

  2. Math is Fun

    See examples of volume with rectangular prisms.


Volume (Games)
  1. Calculate the Volume Quiz

    Scroll down to take the quiz on volume.

  2. Test Your Knowledge

    Take this  5 question quiz to test your knowledge of volume.

  3. Volume of Triangular Prisms

    AAA Math finding the volume of a triangular prism.

  4. Quia Volume of Triangular Prisms & Cylinders
    Just skip the problems that involve cylinders.

  5. Volume of Cubes & Rectangular Prisms IXL
    Find the voume and test your knowledge.

  6. Volume of a Rectangular Prism AAA Math
    See how well you can do!


Volume and Surface Area (Resources)
  1. Formulas for Area and Volume

    Scroll down to identify the formulas.

  2. Rectangular Prisms - Volume

    Notes and interactive models to assess your understanding.  


Volume and Surface Area (Games)
  1. Calculate Volume and Surface Area

    You can even choose the colors of your solids.

  2. Find the Volume and Surface Area

    Correctly identify the volume and surface area - test your knowledge.  

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