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About this Site

I take a lot of pride in this website and put a lot of time into maintaining it and keping it up to date.


For students, my hope is that this website will help reinforce the skills that we are learning about in class.  Instead of playing a video game or watching a television show, perhaps you will play on your class website and enhance your learning!  


For parents, I hope that this site is a helpful method of communication and perhaps even a refresher to help you better assist your children with their academic goals.


The "Notes" pages are where you will find notes that have been written or placed there by your teacher.  The "Resources & Games" pages will link you to other websites that have helpful information on a topic. These links will also take you games that are fun ways for you to increase your level of understanding.  We are going to work very hard, learn a ton, and have fun in the process!  The "Videos" are recaps of our lessons that I have made and should be very helpful to parents and students.  We are going to work very hard, learn a ton, and have fun in the process!


The homework log documents the independent work we have done in class each day and how much time was alloted for independet practice.

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Mrs. Burkhart

The best way to get in touch with me is to email me directly.

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