Language Arts

The more you read, the more that you know.  The more that you lear, the more places you'll go!

-Dr. Seuss

Language Arts Notes


If you just need to look at the notes from the day, you can find them all right here.  These notes can not only help you rcall what you learned in class, they can also help you to remember what you have learned!  They are also helpfull if you do not have time to watch the video lessons!

Language Arts Videos


These are videos are the exact lessons that you learned in class.  If you get home and forget how to do something you can remind yourself of what you learned in class by watching the videos. Parents, if you want to help your kids with their math homework, but forgot the math that you learned to many years ago to count, these videos may help you, help your student!

Language Arts Resources


Sometimes, you just want to have fun with math!  All of these games are resources are directly linked to what you have been learnig about in class.  Perhaps instead of playing video games on your game system, you can log onto our class site and PLAY math games!  I promise, some of these games are very fun! There are also other additional sites that you can use as resources to help you.