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2D Shapes


Technology 1
Laptop Center:
  1. Classify Polygons based on Perpendicualr Lines

  2. Classify Polygons based on Angles

  3. Classify Polygons based on Sides and Angles

  4. Classify Quadrilaterals

  5. Classify 2D Shapes



Technology 2
IPAD Center:
*4th Grade Splash Math
  1. Two Dimensional Figures - I

  2. Two Dimensional Figures - II

Classify 2D Shapes:
  1. Answer the questions on the task cards and answer using the recording sheet that is provided.



Performance Coach:
  1. Use the answer key to answer the questions on the performance coach lesson.




1. Carefully read through the following topic:


2. Quizlett

  • Practice these terms with FLASHCARDS, then play SCATTER

  • Practice these terms with the LEARN, then play GRAVITY

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