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Earth & Space Game & Resources


Planet (Resources)
  1. Solar System Exploration  Teacher's Choice

    Click on the different parts of the solar system and start exploring!

  2. The Mars Odyssey

    Learn about Mars through videos, pictures, and even talking to NASA scientists.

  3. National Geographic Space Exploration Teacher's Choice

    Click on the planets and start exploring!  You can watch the planet rotate on its axis.

  4. Common Mistakes 

    This site walks you through common mistakes that are made when reading graphs.

  5. Education Portal (Inner Planets Video)
    This video does a good job at highlighting the important characteristics of the inner planets.



Star (Resources)
  1. Take a Journey Through the Stars

    Go with National Geographic and explore the night sky.

  2. Using a Star Chart

    Learn how to use a star chart and click on the links below for the seasonal star charts.

  3. Your Sky

    Explore what constellations are in the sky about you!



Star (Games)
  1. Fun Brain Constellations

    Chose from a variety of ways to explore the stars.

  2. Find the Constellations

    Hint: Zoom in so that the stars are bigger!



Plate Tectonics (Resources)
  1. Plate Tectonics - Geology for Kids

    This site had notes that describe plate tectonics, and pictures that illustrate.

  2. Geography for Kids

    Take a tour that will help you understand plate tectonics.

  3. Awesome Video (Could not embed into videos page)
    Science Channel Video featuing Bill Nye about plate tectonics.

  4. National Geographic Video (Could not embed into videos page)

    This video does a great job to explaining plate tectonics.

  5. Plate Tectonics Vocabulary
    A good site for defining terms relatingto plate tectonics.



Plate Tectonic (Games)
  1. Plate Tectonics Games

    Select your choice of four games to learn more about plate tectonics.



Earthquakes (Resources)
  1. Living on a Fault Line

    Explore plate tectonics.

  2. Earthquake Facts

    Learn interesting facts about earthquakes.

  3. The Science of Earthquakes

    Understand what makes the ground move and shake.

  4. A lot of Links

    The USGS has a page full of links for you to explore.

  5. Awesome Animation

    This is a really great way to view the "hot spots" of the world.

  6. Earthquakes Video 
    Earthquakes 101 video from National Geographic Education

  7. Earthquake Wiz Kids
    I love this site! It uses really simple and easy to understand language.



Earthquakes (Game)
  1. Earthquakes for Kids

    This site has it all!

  2. PBS Exploration (Interactive)
    Interactive animations that illustrate the process of plate tectonics.  



Volcano (Resources)
  1. Play Scholastic

    Learn, interact, play, and quiz yourself!

  2. Volcano Videos

    Watch and learn!

  3. KIds GEO

    Learn how volcanoes help to create new land.

  4. Volcano Wiz Kids
    I love this site! It uses really simple and easy to understand language.



Volcano (Games)
  1. Discovery Kids

    Become a volcano explorer.



The Earth's 4 Spheres (Resources)
  1. Exploring Earth
    Click on the picture to see what sphere is highlighted. 

  2. Study.Com
    Video, & Quiz (Related Videos and Quizzes also Available)

The Atmosphere
  1. Climate

    This site has good, simple explanations to explain some complicated ideas.

  2. More about Climate

    Also a very good site, maybe better than the first!

The Hydrosphere
  1. Geography 4 Kids
    Informational Text about the Hydrosphere

Sphere Interactions
  1. Exploring Earth
    Interactive site with corresponding class assignment & accountability sheet.

Human Impact (Resources)
  1. Interactive Exploration of Human Impact

    Click the factors in the module and explore their affects. 

  2. Study Jams
    Watch the video and then test your knowledge.

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