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Factors & Multiples Games


Multiples (Resources)
  1. Least Common Multiple 

    Lesson, Practice, and Test Practice 


Multiples (Games)
  1. LCM Snowball Fight

    Find the LCM and have a snowball fight at the same time.

  2. Shepard Software

    Practice finding LCM with a game.


Factors (Resources)
  1. Greatest Common Factor 

    Lesson and Practice

  2. Factors 

    View a list of the factors of numbers 1-50.


Factors (Games)
  1. Multiplication Station 

    Find the factors of the given number to clear the grid. You have to beat the clock because any left will cost you!

  2. Prime Factorization, Multiples, and Factors

    Answer the questions correctly to score points.

  3. Math Lines X Factor 12

    Aim and shoot the bullet ball at the ball whose number is the other factor.

  4. Fruit Splat (Sheppard Software) Teacher's Choice
    Greatest common factor fruit splat at three levels.


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