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Opinion Writing Notes​

Writing Notebook (Notes Pages)

State your position:


  • In my opinion....

  • I believe that....

  • It seems obvious to me that....

  • Although not everybody would agree, my position is....


Support your position:

  • I have several reasons for arguing this point of view.

  • My first reason is.... Another reason is....

  • There are several points I want to make to support my point of view.• Research shows.........

  • It has been found that .................


Consider the counterargument:

  • Some argue that....

  • They say (claim, hold, maintain) that....

  •  On the other hand, there are many who disagree with the idea that....

  • They also argue that....

  •  A further point they make is....

  • Yet some argue vehemently that....

Restate your position:

  • However, there are several reasons to oppose this point of view.

  • After looking closely at both sides of the issue and the evidence, I believe it is best to....because...• Despite the fact is also vital to consider....

  • Well, that is only partly the case. The other side of the story is....

  • The advantages of ... outweigh the disadvantages of....

  • The issue is not so much a question of..., but a question of....

  • What it seems to come down to is... versus....

  • Even though the issue has two sides, I think I have shown that....

  • Even though both sides have merits, the greater good will come from....

  • If we look closely at..., we will see that it is better to....

  • Based on the evidence so far, we should...because ....

  • When you take a close look at this part, you see that....


  • In my opinion

  • I believe

  • It is my belief that



  • For the reasons above

  • As you can see

  • As I have noted

  • In other words

  • On the whole



  • I question whether

  • I (dis) agree with

  • I maintain that

  • In brief

  • Undoubtedly

  • In any case

  • Summarizing

  • In any event



  • There is no doubt that

  • From my point of view

  • It seems to me that

  • In short

  • To be sure

  • Without a doubt

  • Obviously

  • Unquestionably


  • First

  • Second

  • Third

  • Finally

  • Furthermore

  • In addition

  • Also

  • Last

  • Equally important

  • In the first place

  • Likewise

  • For instance

  • As evidence

  • Caused by

  • This results in

  • Consequently

  • Accordingly

  • As a result of

  • Leads to

  • Likewise

  • In the same way

  • Contrasting

  • On the contrary

  • As opposed to

  • Rather than Nevertheless

  • Besides Next Moreover

  • Further

  • Again Similarly



  • For example

  • In fact



  • Since

  • Because of

  • Due to

  • For this reason

  • Therefore

  • If...then



  • Similarly

  • Compared to

  • In like manner

  • On the other hand

  • Although

  • Even though



  • In support of this

  • In effect

  • Brought about

  • Made possible

  • As might be expected

  • Give rise to

  • Was responsible for

  • I realize you

  • I understand you Even though you Although you

  • Some people

  • It may be that you Your idea to ____ deserves some merit

  • Believe

  • Feel

  • Maintain

  • Want

  • Support

  • Argue

  • State

  • But

  • Yet

  • However

  • I doubt

  • I question

  • Let me explain

  • On the other hand

  • Nevertheless

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