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Weekly Assignments for May 11-15


All assignments are due by 11:59 pm Friday 5/15/2020

All Things Science Fair are Due 5/18/2020!



Moby assignments MUST be done in order. If you have are behind, you must go in order.  It is very important that you read instructions and ask questions if you need help.  Be sure to login to Moby Max through Clever or through our Class Website. 

  1. Moby Max Lessons 
    The assignments are in your "assignments tab" in Moby Max, there are 4 lessons.
    -Drafting: Draft a strong lead
    -DraftingDraft the beginning of your narrative
    -Drafting: Draft the middle of your narrative
    -DraftingDraft the end of your narrative

Additional ELA Help




Assignments should be done in the order they are listed.  It is very important that you read instructions and ask questions if you need help.  If you do not remember how to do the math you need to watch the video for the problem you need help with.


  1. Math Spiral Review #1 (Math/Google Classroom)

  2. Moby Max Fluency (Math Facts) (Moby Max)

  3. Math Spiral Review #2 (Math/Google Classroom)

  4. Moby Max Fluency (Math Facts) (Moby Max)

If you don't remember the math you need to watch these videos: 




The Proposals, Purpose, Materials, Procedure, and Hypothesis, and Experiments should already be completed.  This week you should be doing your graphs and conclusions.  However, if you are behind you need to complete these assignments in the order they are listed.

  1. Proposals (Past Due)
    ***These should be approved by Mrs. Burkhart before you go onto any other part of your project***

  2. Purpose, Materials, Procedures, Hypothesis (Typed Report) (Past Due)

  3. Experiment (Past Due)
    Be sure to document with pictures, notes, drawings, and measurements.  It is very important to be as detailed as you possibly can when documenting what happened when you carried out your experiment.

  4. Conclusion (Typed Report) (Past Due)
    Conclusions should be typed in the same report document as the Purpose, Materials, Procedures, & Hypothesis.  
    Remember, each part should be on it's own page.

  5. Graphs should display results of your project.  (Past Due)

  6. Display Boards or Book Creator (Due Monday, May 18th)
    You may choose if you would like to make a display board as specified in your science fair packet or use book creator online.  The code for Book Creator is in Google Classroom/Science. 

  7. Science Fair Competition
    If you want your project to be judged by our esteemed panel of judges, you will need to do your display using Book Creator.  If you really want to make the poster display, it is fine, just realize your project will not be able to be judged through this method due to COVID-19.  Our panel of judges are comprised of a retired teacher, retired school superintendent, and a park ranger.  The projects are not judged by anyone who works at Sequoia Union. I am highly encouraging project be done with Book Creator.


Additional Science Help




Assignments should be done in the order they are listed. Be sure to login to Studies weekly through Clever.

  1. Liberty Kids Video - The Turtle

  2. Liberty Kids Video - Across the Delaware 

  3. Studies Weekly Week 23 - Turning Points
    Read or listen to all of the articles and answer the questions at the end of each article.
    Log in to Studies Weekly using your Clever account.

  4. Studies Weekly Week 23 - Test 
    Read and answer each question carefully. I recommend having two tabs open as you take the test. 
    One tab will be the articles for you to refer to, the other with the test.

Extra Assignments 

If you are flying through your work and would like additional assignments please use the following to aid in your learning.  These are not required assignments. 

  • Moby Max Fact Fluency

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